What's New?

10/27/2017 Radical corrections to the site information are introduced.

08/07/2017 Transfer of the site from the management of the Seychelles company PGIL under the management of the Association Parroslab Group.

08/01/2017 Structural management reform of the Parroslab Group.

02/09/2017 The decision to shoot video clips recorded by the musical group of PG compositions.

10/06/2016 The work of the recording studio PG is activated.

09/04/2016 The decision to change priorities in the main activities of PGIL with the transfer of the main emphasis on creativity.

09/22/2015 Service of Private Offices of participants of the Affiliate program, is open for maintaining the accounting of the referrals.

09/20/2015 The English-Russian version of the website where it is possible to get acquainted with our Company.


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