6. From Markus R.

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I received a very attractive offer to manage a business. I thought I could cope with it. I have many years of experience in management.

But it turned out I had problems in one of the international team this time - they quarreled very often. It was very, very unpleasant to hearing it.

I wanted to dismiss some workers but it was connected with large compensation for them. I was sure that this was not the way to solve the problem. Thanks to cooperation with PG I solved it. The Parroslab Group Incorporation Ltd suggested we should to hold the training activities with psychologist for our staff. It turned out that everyone made mistakes in mutual communication. The psychologist employed by PG has taught us the psychology of personality, indicated the cultural diversity of our team and found a satisfactory solution - they drawn up a communication strategy especially for our concrete situation.

Thank you Parroslab Group. Thanks to your solution we have creatively and calmly cooperation without disagreement.

NOTE: Association PARROSLAB GROUP - the direct successor of the company Parroslab Group Int. Ltd., registered in the Seychelles.


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