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2016-03-13 :: posted by Manager

Financial Group with the participation of "Deutsche bank", which provides a solid deal on a bank guarantee and insurance profits of all the possible risks of the client offers to participate in the program.

In this case: the client funds remain in the client account from the start of the transaction to the end. Client funds are not burdened by debt collateral, or any other obligations.
To qualify, you must provide a passport, bank account statement confirming the availability of funds in the client account.
"Deutsche bank" successfully provides services in asset management funds. Treasury staff have years of experience in the financial markets, including asset management. client asset management schemes are designed to optimize the customer and taxation are specified individually for each individual agreement. The main purpose for which the asset management portfolio - the formation of high-yielding portfolio structure by making quick and timely decisions to reinvest your money invested in certain securities and corporate promissory notes, on the basis of changes in market conditions. At the risk of asset management investment decision is passed on to the Bank. You are not participating in the workflow for each individual transaction, do not pay brokerage commissions.
These programs are implemented in the framework of international agreements on intergovernmental protocols as settlements on SWAP.
In view of the confidentiality of the information supply contracts for these schemes it is not possible. The only real option is to provide you with a secondary contract, concluded on the basis of the interbank clearing of the contract. Insurance and bank guarantee of these programs and all of the terms of contracts will be provided to you only for your arrival in Germany as supervisors office. Investment opportunity, provided that the client will work on the stock exchange at least 6 months.

By EUR 30 million or more.

1. The program for one month:

Programs for 30-45 days, Percent rate from 50% to 100%.
Payments are made monthly Percent rate.

2. Packet program for three months:
Percent rate from 50% to 100%.
Payment of the Percent rate are made every month.
Percent rate is calculated the value of work of the amount.

The work comes to assets SKR and SKS.
Shortened trust programs and certificates of deposit Most of the work is carried out on the account statement (the presence of the legality and origin of the funds from the bank's required).
All questions raised by the proposal will only be accepted in writing in English.


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