Proposal for seller 000064

2016-08-11 :: posted by Manager

The buyer will buy a hard red winter wheat for Tunis.

Total quantity: 100,000 MT (4x25,000 MT)
Origin: Seller’s choice (USA/Ukriane or any other)
Distination: Port Bizerte, Tunis
Packing: loose bulk.

Reference specification
Kernel Weight: 30-32
Protein: 11% - 13%
Moisture Content: 12% Max
Damaged Kernels: 0.5% Max
Foreign Material: 0.5% Max
Imperfect Grains: 0.5% Max
Wet Gluten: 23% Min
Dry Gluten: 10% Min
Dockage: 1-3% Max
Radiation: Normal


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