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2016-08-05 :: posted by Manager

The Seller URGENT offers various types of vegetable oils.

Below are the available variety of vegetable oils and prices:
Sunflower oil at $510 USD/MT
Of olive oil at $460 USD/MT
Of palm oil at $390 USD/MT
Avocado oil at $320 USD/MT
Fish oil at $340 USD/MT
Soybean oil at $400 USD/MT
Corn oil at $290 USD/MT CIF
Cotton oil at $340 USD/MT
Canola oil at $420 USD/MT CIF
Oilseed rape at $300 USD/MT
Sesame oil at $260 USD/MT
Grape oil at $365 USD/MT
Oil safflower at$ 400 USD/MT
Rice bran oil at$ 460 USD/MT
Quantity: Seller have over 10,000 tons of these good for your monthly supply.
Packing: Bulk oil to provide in 20' FLEXITANK with a volume of 24000 liters; Pet.


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How to work with PG

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