2. Cooperation with the Producer Center PG

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The program of cooperation with the Producer Center Parroslab Group implies a diverse partnership in the activities of this structure.

In order to profit from this type of activity, it is necessary to sign the Partnership Agreement with the Parroslab Group and:

1. take a direct part in a commercial event held by the Producer Center PG, or become an investor of the event;

2. mediate in:

2.1. organization of the contract for participation in the concert(s) of the performers of the musical group PG;

2.2. sale (partial or complete) your rights to work composed by members of the musical group PG.

Possible forms of participation and profit, or services.


Investors are guaranteed a return of 50% of their invested funds in the event, program or concert + 25% of PG's net profit from this event. If the received income from the event does not reimburse the funds invested by the investor, PG guarantees to provide him with advertising services for the missing amount.


Sponsors are guaranteed to advertise the product at the full value of the invested funds.


The intermediaries are guaranteed payment of 7% of the net profit from the PG contract or an event in which they acted as intermediaries. For mediation in the sale (partial or full) of rights to a work written by members of the PG music group, the intermediary will receive 15% of the total share of the PG's revenue.

Organizers, performers and support services.

Get 68% of the net profit of PG. The percentage ratio for each of the groups is specified for each case individually.

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that from the income received under the terms of the Partnership Program there are deductions for the 1st and 2nd level referers (7% and 3%), as well as the PG fund (2%).

Example 1:

For the event, investors contributed $3,000. The following $3,000 were contributed by sponsors who were given the opportunity to hold an advertising campaign during the event. PG received revenue from the contract - $15,000, of which $3,000 went into the cost part. Of the remaining $ 12,000 - a return of 50% of investor's investments - $1,500 with a balance of $10,500. 25% of the profit for investors ($2,625) is divided as follows: 88% to investors ($2,310), referrals 1st level to 7% ($183.75), referrals 2nd level to 3% ($78.75), PG fund to 2% ($52.50). For intermediaries in the organization of the event - 5% = $525. The intermediary will receive 88% ($462), referrals of the 1st level - 7% ($36.75), referrals of the 2nd level - 3% ($15.75), PG fund - 2% ($10.50); Organizers, performers and support services will earn 68% ($7,140). Conditionally, the organizers will receive 25% of this amount ($1,785), performers - 65% ($4,642) and support services - 10% ($714). As a result, the organizers will receive 88% ($1,570.80), the 1st level referrals - 7% ($124.95), the 2nd level referrals - 3% ($53.55), the PG fund - 2% ($35.70); performers - 88% ($4,084.08 ), referrals of the 1st level - 7% ($324.87), referrals of the 2 levels - 3% ($139.23), PG fund - 2% ($92.82); support services - 88% ($628.32), 1st level referrals - 7% ($49.98 ), 2nd level referrals - 3% ($21.42), PG fund - 2% ($14.28 ).lt;/p>

Example 2:

The mediator finds a buyer for an exclusive right to a song composed by a member of the PG music group. As a result of subsequent negotiations, the author of the song agreed on selling the buyer an exclusive right to use the song for a period of 5 years for $2,000. The mediator will receive 15% of the contract amount ($300). When selling a non-exclusive right to perform a song by a performer for $300, the intermediary will receive $45. When transferring a free license for a song to a known performer, the intermediary will receive from 1 to 3% of the royalties according to the individual agreement.


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How to work with PG

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