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CALLED YOU… - in russian

Music by Vladimir Filippov, lirycs by Natalia Uralova

The song CALLED YOU… was written Vladimir Filippov in the verses of the Urals poetess Natalia Uralova in August 2013 specifically for the singer Adriana and Parroslab Group project. Vladimir immediately adapted the text to the male vocal line and recorded.

CALLED YOU… - Vladimir Filippov guitar

Occupied in the shooting of the series Adriana and could not record the vocal part and before the implementation of the song in her performance it never came. In November 2016 Vladimir Filippov made a new arrangement for PARROSLAB GROUP. You can get acquainted with this record.

CALLED YOU… - Vladimir Filippov & Parroslab Group

Head of KZK Studio Zbigniew Krakowiak offered his arrangement of the song call you. Certainly, such an interpretation can find their lovers.

CALLED YOU… - Vladimir Filippov, Parroslab Group & KZK Studio

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