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READ ON THE WHITE SAND… - in russian

Music by Vladimir Filippov, lirycs by Vera Chukantsova

Song READ ON THE WHITE SAND… was written by Vladimir Filippov in the verses of the poetess with Petersburg Vera Chukantsova in may 2012 specifically for Parroslab Group project. The author of the music immediately recorded this song under the guitar accompaniment.

READ ON THE WHITE SAND… - Vladimir Filippov guitar

In 2013, the song READ ON THE WHITE SAND was proposed for arrangement of the Polish guitar virtuoso and arranger Radek Chwieralski. However, then prior to the implementation, it never came. Later, there was an attempt to offer more orchestration of the song magnificent blues-rock guitarist Marek Tymkoff. But congestion in various musical projects and hindered him from taking part in its orchestration.
In the end, when after some break and creative stagnation, PARROSLAB GROUP returned to active creative activity, the author of the song Vladimir Filippov made his arrangement. In October 2016, this song was recorded.

READ ON THE WHITE SAND… - Vladimir Filippov & Parroslab Group

Head of KZK Studio Zbigniew Krakowiak, with whom the author of music a long-standing close cooperation, offered his arrange of song READ ON THE WHITE SAND.

READ ON THE WHITE SAND… - Vladimir Filippov, Parroslab Group & KZK Studio


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