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I MISS YOU - in russian

Music by Vladimir Filippov - Lyrics by Sajida Suleymanova, russian text Vladimir Saveliev

Vladimir Filippov composed of music to the verse of Sajida Suleymanova in 1980. Despite the interest shown by friends-musicians, the song never found its performer. In May 2012, Vladimir Filippov recorded his performance with a guitar. But the song is intended for singer Irena Lisiecka. To match the original, written for female performance, the performer will have to change the text. In the first verse she will have to sing: "I am dressed in flaming clothes"; in the second verse: "I am full of secrets and sorrows".

I MISS YOU - Vladimir Filippov guitar

Due to the fact that Irena Lisiecka has not performed this song, the performers who want to include it in her repertoire can contact us.

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