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ONLINE - in russian

Music and lirycs by Vladimir Filippov

The song ONLINE composed by Vladimir Filippov in may of 2012 especially for the singer Adriana. The author of the song immediately recorded his performance under the guitar accompaniment.

ONLINE - Vladimir Filippov guitar

The musicians PARROSLAB GROUP took this song in repertoire only in December 2012. Energetic, enthusiastic performance literally "charged" and listeners and performers. Unfortunately, the record with the participation of Adriana was not preserved. But the draft version, recorded on the dictaphone for Adriana, with the vocals of Vladimir Filippov, remained. Quality is so-so, but what to do?

ONLINE - Parroslab Group rehearsal 01.12.2012

His instrumental interpretation of the song offered in February 2013 the Polish musician Marcin Mentel, known in Poland to participate in the cult Polish gothic group Closterkeller. Composition acquired gloomy notes, typical for metal gothic rock, but has lost its vigor. However, and it has its admirers.

ONLINE - instrumental Marcin Mentel & Parroslab Group

The new arrangement of the song ONLINE somewhat differs from the original version, written for the singer Adriana, and the version of Martin Mantel test, but retains power of the original version.

ONLINE - Vladimir Filippov & Parroslab Group

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