61. Twilight Angel

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TWILIGHT ANGEL - in russian

Music by Vladimir Filippov - lirycs by Vera Chukancova

Am:                 Gm:                Jazz:

The author of the music Vladimir Filippov received the text for the song from the poetess Vera Chukantsova of St. Petersburg in 2007. But the music was composed only in March 2012. And immediately the author of the music recorded a guitar version of the song.

TWILIGHT ANGEL - Vladimir Filippov guitar

Instrumental version of this song in July 2012 offered Polish musician Marek Tokarski

TWILIGHT ANGEL - Marek Tokarski & Music Online

In August 2012, PG musicians Vladimir Filippov, Wacław Łaskowski and Marek Tokarski made arrangements for the vocal performance of the song TWILIGHT ANGEL specially for vocalist Irena Lisiecka. The song was recorded in September 2012.

TWILIGHT ANGEL - Irena Lisecka & Parroslab Group

Several different interpretation for Parroslab Group suggested that the head of the studio KZK Zbigniew Krakowiak. Below you can see the excerpt of the proposed orchestration.

TWILIGHT ANGEL - Irena Lisecka, KZK STUDIO - excerpt

In March 2013 the Polish musician Marcin Mantel (known for his participation in the cult Polish gothic group Closterkeller) suggested for Irena Lisecka and Parroslab Group its orchestration.

TWILIGHT ANGEL - Irena Lisecka,Marcin Mentel & Parroslab Group

Zbigniew Krakowiak from KZK studio decided to add their own sounds to the arrangement Marcin Mantel. And that's what came out of it.

TWILIGHT ANGEL - Irena Lisecka,Marcin Mentel,Parroslab Group & KZK Studio

Song TWILIGHT ANGEL liking the head of the studio KZK Zbigniew Krakowiak, but he again decided to change its orchestration and offered for Irena Lisecka new option for recording. Listen to what happened in the studio KZK and Irena Lisecka.

TWILIGHT ANGEL - Irena Lisecka & KZK Studio

Interesting orchestration of jazz songs TWILIGHT ANGEL offered famous Polish musician Dariusz Samoraj for the program POLES SINGING IN RUSSIAN carried out in 2013 under the auspices of PARROSLAB GROUP and the patronage of the Society Cooperation East - Poland. Irena Lisiecka with brilliance mastered with jazz execution of the song by showing how wide the range of possibilities of execution of this song. And, naturally, demonstrating her vocal capabilities.

TWILIGHT ANGEL - Irena Lisecka & Samoraj Group

In November 2016, Vladimir Filippov offered another version of the song performance TWILIGHT ANGEL, adding to arrangement beautiful guitar lines and adding soft vigor. And this version also performed by Irena Lisecka.

TWILIGHT ANGEL - Irena Lisecka & Parroslab Group

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