52. NOLI

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NOLI - in russian

Music & Lyrics by Vladimir Filippov

The song of NOLI Vladimir Filippov composed in 1994. It was impromptu. Late frosty evening Vladimir said goodbye to the famous Polish popularizer of jazz Roman Vaschko, which had him on a visit, and went out into the street. And immediately in his head the music began to sound, on which the text was coined. Returning home, the author recorded the song and for a long time forgot about it, because the text was for female and there was nobody to sing the song at that time. In October 2011, a vocalist came to the audition in PG and an entry was made by an impromptu (again impromptu!).

NOLI - Maura, Vladimir Filippov guitar

In 2012, this song was ready to record the singer Adriana, the band prepared a cocky rock-n-roll instrumental, but before the recording of the singer the case never came.

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