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Music and lirycs (in russian) by Vladimir Filippov, translate into English by Vera Chukancova

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The verse MAGIC OF THE NIGHT Vladimir Filippov written in 1992. It was truly a magical string (the full text of these verses can be found by downloading the e-book)

My hour - an hour for amusement.
The magic of thinking stand still!
Let your soul invisible shadow
Will fly over the flashes of sunrise.

Let your soul in darkness whitish
Will obtain their living flesh.
Let it be so, as the soul will ask
In this bewitched night.

Poetess from Petersburg Vera Chukantsova able to translate this verse promise in the English text. In 2010, Vladimir Filippov wrote the music was on the English text of the verse.
The original idea, which never found its realization in the record was carrying a Beatles tones. In December 2010, the author of the music recorded an interpretation somewhat different from the original one.


Musicians gathered in Warsaw in 2012 as part of the project MUSIC ONLINE immediately seized on the song MAGIC OF THE NIGHT. His arrangement was made by bass player Wojciech Jarzyński and everyone was fascinated by his interpretation. You can listen to this arrangement in the instrumental version.


The summer of 2012 appeared project PARROSLAB GROUP and vocal version of the song was recorded as part of this project, which was influenced by the Wojciech Jarzyński's orchestration. The author of the orchestration played the main vocals. Backing vocals performed by Irena Lisecka and Vladimir Filippov.


The appearance in PARROSLAB GROUP autumn 2012 new musicians gave impetus for the new orchestration MAGIC OF THE NIGHT with female vocals. Before the musical orchestration of Vladimir Filippov, Vaclav Laskowski (Wacław Łaskowski) and Sergei Yastrembovich added his vocal line talented singer and actress Adriana. However, the final point introduced in January 2013 the head of the studio KZK Zbigniew Krakowiak.


In March 2013 the Polish musician Marcin Mentel (which in Poland known of participation in the cult Polish gothic band Closterkeller) offered his interpretation of gothic songs with respect for the vocal line of Adriana.


In the summer of 2013 there was another record songs MAGIC OF THE NIGHT arranged by Vaclav Laskowski (Wacław Łaskowski), by that time go out from Parroslab Group. Vocals performed Polish singer Kasia Sovinska (Kasia Sowińska).


As already mentioned, the original version of the song was written for performance on the guitar and maybe in due time we will be able to record precisely the original version, with its Beatles accents. However, today we present as "guitar" version, but written a little differently.


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