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Music & Lyrics by Vladimir Filippov

The song HOW TO SLEEP PEACEFULLY? Vladimir Filippov composed in 1983. When it was compose, it was not without the influence of the creative work of the LED ZEPPELIN group. Nothing prevented to present this song to spectators. At that time Vladimir Filippov became one of the founders of the Youth Experimental Theater, in which the musical group played a prominent role. But the premiere of the song for various reasons never took place.

In July 2010, Vladimir Filippov recorded this song for Polish musicians.

HOW TO SLEEP PEACEFULLY? - Vladimir Filippov guitar

In May 2012, Vladimir Filippov sang this song as part of the MUSIC ONLINE project together with the Polish musician Marek Tokarski and recorded the acoustic version.

HOW TO SLEEP PEACEFULLY? - Vladimir Filippov,Marek Tokarski

In Poland, for the song repeatedly took different musicians. But for some reason they quickly retreated, not finishing things to the end. In the spring of 2013, the famous Polish musician Martin Mentel (Closterkeller; Lorien; Night Rider) tried to arrange this song in the style of gothic rock, but it is obvious that this style is not very suitable for it. And he also retired after several attempts. Successful arrangement in the summer of 2013 was done by Vladimir Filippov and Marek Tokarski (RELAX; POKER). They managed to do it in the corporate style LED ZEPPELIN and the song sounded stunningly. Unfortunately, before her studio recording, it never came.

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