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FOR MY LYRE - in russian

Music and Lyrics by Vladimir Filippov

Verses by FOR MY LYRE Vladimir Filippov wrote impromptu in 1972, as an expression of discontent with the criticism of one of his now forgotten songs. Having carefully read the written, 15-year-old author drew attention to other meanings that can be learned from the verse. Fearing that the name of Christ in the verse could be misinterpreted by the readers (such were the times in USSR), and worse, if this verse was understood as discontent with political power, Vladimir put the sheet into one of the music albums and forgot. After 2 years in 1974, he accidentally found a sheet in the sheet music album with a verse, and tried to sketch a song. The song turned out right away. But to show it publicly, Vladimir Filippov did not dare.

In the 90s, when examining old notes, Vladimir Filippov discovered this song in them. In January 2018, he decided to record.

FOR MY LYRE - Vladimir Filippov guitar

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