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SLEEPLESS NIGHT - in russian

Music by Andrey Dudkin & Vladimir Filippov - Lyrics by Vladimir Filippov

Music for the song SLEEPLESS NIGHT specially for the rock group START of the Youth Experimental Theater (YET) in Zelenodolsk (Russia) was written by the bass player of the group Andrey Dudkin and the author of the text head of the YET Vladimir Filippov in 1987. We offer to listen to the guitar version of this song recorded 20 years later in December 2007 by Vladimir Filippov.


In December 2012, the PG musicians took the song SLEEPLESS NIGHT. Records of the final arrangement, where very beautiful moves were found, did not survive. The proposed recording is from the first rehearsal of the song, where, in the absence of the regular keyboard player Lukasz Jakubowicz, the sound engineer Zbigniew Krakowiak sat behind the piano. Not feeling the style of the song, he broke the harmony of performance, because of what the other performers began to stray. But this record is the only thing left from that time.


In December 2014, Vladimir Filippov recorded the song SLEEPLESS NIGHT with the accompaniment of the synthesizer..


In September 2018, Vladimir Filippov recorded a live performance of the guitar version of the song SLEEPLESS NIGHT.


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