How to work with Parroslab Group

Before starting to work with us, you should read up on our business capabilities and define yours needs and capabilities.

In case of ambiguity you can turn to us for additional information.

Then you have to sign a partner agreement with us.

To cooperate with us you do not need to pay any fees.

You may invest your money only in the case of your participation of specific economic investment programs that are listed on our website. Those programs are realized with cooperation in other entities.

For Information: We are not invest any money in financial programs.

For the entity or individuals that concluded the Partner Agreement with us there are three ways to gain a profit:

  1. You may instruct our Association the execution of your project in behalf of your company. (examples № 1)
  2. You can gain a commission on activity the entity or individuals invited by you to Our firm.
    The amount of commission depends on the project's profit where the task performer is the participant inviting by you. (examples № 2)
  3. Your income depends on the project's profit which you have invested your money. (examples № 3)

Remember, the necessary condition to start cooperating with us is sign an "Parther Agreement".


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions will help you understand how to work with us. Also you can ask your questions.
For example:
How to conclude a contract with the Association?
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