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Chinese agriculture is of great importance for China economy. It is a stabilized factor of national economy development. Using 9% of world arable land ensuring enough food for over billion people.

Such a huge number of people to feed in China is the most important factor that determines the development of agriculture in China.

A state policy of Chinese agriculture is presented in the Circular on Comprehensive Deepening of Rural Reform and Accelerating Agricultural Modernization (No.1 Central Document).

The document points to the need to ensure food security by strengthening domestic agricultural, intensify support and protection for domestic agriculture, establish new forms of agriculture management, establish state mechanisms for sustainable agricultural development in the long term ect. According to above mentioned document the government plans to maintain the subsidies to farmers and to environmental protection initiatives as well as indicates for the need of modernize the rural areas. One of the priorities of the Chinese government will be introducing new technologies in rural areas and expanding the infrastructure in order to improve the channels between farmers and the market.

In order to improve the agricultural policy in China, the government officials establish a range of foreign contacts with the other countries. One of them is the forum of BRICS. The Chinese Vice Minister Qu Dongyu attends Agrobusiness Forum of BRICS Countries that was held in Moscow on October 8, 2015. The theme of the forum was development of mutual trade and investments - basis for sustainable development of Agriculture in BRICS countries.

The Chinese Vice Minister stressed that agricultural cooperation is an integral part of the cooperation of the BRICS countries. He presented the following proposals for such cooperation:

  • improve the channels of agricultural trade&economic cooperation,
  • provide facilitation
  • expand the trade scale and diversify product items to boost agricultural trade

The important for Chinese economy development is also the cooperation between China and Germany.

According to Xinhua News Agency, China is very interested in cooperation with Germany in the field of advanced technologies.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang during the talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, Oct. 29, 2015 suggested establishing an intergovernmental mechanism to coordinate the two countries.

"We need to learn advanced technologies and concepts from Germany," Li said at the opening remarks of their talks. The Chinese Premier pointed out that China offers a big market for the European economic power.

The two heads of government also spoke of other economic affairs, inter alia about cooperation between China and the European Union.

Merkel said that Germany hopes China and the EU will sign a bilateral investment agreement in the near future. This agreement will be a precondition for a later China-EU Free Trade Agreement, German Chancellor said.

Source: Information Center, Ministry of Agriculture, PRC; China Briefing


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