The future of the global agricultural food consumption by 2024 according to OECD-FAO.

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The global agriculture production grew at a average rate of 2,2% per annum in the last decade. The most expanded production was in Eastern European Countries including The Russian Federation – 3,3%, Africa – 2,9% and North America – 1,9%. The agricultural production in Western Europe grew by only 0,7% per annum.

The demand for agricultural products  in the developing countries increased rapidly in the last decade.

The consumption growth in these countries was mainly influenced by the following factors: steady population growth, rising per capita incomes, change in eating habits and consumer habits caused by advertisement and introducing into the diets increased the amount of protein.

Nevertheless, there are significant differences in consumption growth in the regions. The major factors are: population growth and differentiated rates of income have the  direct impact for the additional level food consumption in Asia and Africa.

It should be noted of the biofuel as the significant factor of rising demand for cereals in the developed world.

The use of coarse grains (chiefly maize) for biofuel  increase almost 40% of additional coarse grains consumed over the past decade.

The most consumed agricultural products are the cereals. According to OECD estimates the global consumption of cereals will expand by almost 390 Mt by 2024. The developing world will consume 49 Mt of additional wheat  and 57 Mt of additional rice. However, rising demand for animal feed remains the core factor of cereal consumption growth.

OECD-FAO  nowcast  a significant increasing of oilseeds production by 2024. It expands by more that 20%. The vegetable oil production will rise by 24%.

The additional global consumption of meat will increase of 51 Mt by 2024. Poultry will be half of the additional meat consumption in 2014. The consumption of meat will grow fast in developing countries. In contrast, pigmeat consumption is not subject of major changes in many fast growing regions  and expand less than 1% per annum.

The global  consumption of fish will rapidly raise to 19 % of animal protein by 2024.

It is projected that consumption of diary products  will expand by 23 % over the ten year, approaching 48 Mt by 2024. The level of diary consumption depends on particular regions and growth remains strongest in the developing world with preference for fresh diary products. According to OECD forecast, almost 70 % of additional diary production will be consumed fresh. Cheese and butter consumption are expected to expand of 1,6 and 1,9 respectively.

Source: OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2015.


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