News from UE diary sector.

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The European Parliament on prospects for the diary sector.

The EU “Milk Package” came into force on 3 October 2012 and applies until 30 June 2020.
The EU after review the “Milk Package” decided that diary quotas will expire on 31 March 2015.
The European Parliament underlines that the Russian ban on European dairy products since August 2014 has had a negative impact on the EU internal market and UE have to prepare for the application of crisis-related market measures and ensure the diverse export market for UE products.
The Parliament points out at the impact of the Russian embargo and the current crisis in the dairy sector.
The European Parliament stressed that the surplus of dairy products from certain Member States that have traditional commercial relations with Russia creates major imbalances on their domestic markets, leading to a sharp decrease in prices and causing local producers to become uncompetitive, calls upon the Commission in this regard to analyse the newly created situation and take priority action;
The UE Parliament stresses the continuing need to identify and develop new markets, increase the EU global market share. The European Parliament  calls on the Commission to take the necessary action and to participate more actively in the identification of new export markets. The European Parliament shows that  EU companies face competition from a few powerful global exporters (including New Zealand, the United States and Australia) which have historically had access to Asian markets and which have a decisive influence on the price of dairy products on the global market.

Source: European Parliament resolution of 7 July 2015 on prospects for the EU dairy sector – review of the implementation of the Dairy Package (2014/2146(INI))


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