OECD-FAO FORECASTS for the period 2015-2024

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Macronomic data

According to OECD data  among OECD countries, Chile, Argentina and Turkey will be the fastest developing countries in the next decade.  Those countries are expected to exhibit the growth at 4,1%, 3,5% and 3,5% per annum (p.a) respectively.
The next decade will be a very good growth period for India –  it is expected to overtake China and exhibit growth at 6,6%.
The OECD predicts that the growth in Russian Federation will be at a rate of 3,1% per annum. That means that Russia overtakes the UE15 members and United States  with growth at 1,7% and 2,6% respectively.
Noteworthy are the developing countries in Africa and Asia.
In Asia the Philippines and Malaysia are expected to achieve growth rate of 6% and 5% per annum.
The OECD stressed that in Africa, Ethiopia and Mozambique will be the strongest growth countries during the next decade with the average annual growth rate of  8% and 7,8% respectively.
In South America the strongest growth are expected in Columbia at 4,5% p.a. and Argentina at 3,5% p.a.

Source: OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2015-2024.


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