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Example: Scheme Investment Project

Some of the programs implemented by our company in need of investment. Our partners can invest in them their money.

In this case, our company adheres to the following income distribution scheme of the project:

X% = 90% - Y% - the payment of performers and share their reffereram PG.

Y% = 100% - X% - payments to investors, their referrer and the proportion of PG.

How it works?

  1. The company places on its website an offer to invest in the specific commercial project with a detailed cost-benefit analysis made by our experts, and the percentage of income distribution ratio. (As a simplified example, we accept the annual profitability of the project - the Z% and the percentage distribution of income - 60% - executors, 40% - investors).
  2. Investors who are interested to make their money in the project, should apply.
  3. The company signed a contract with investors, with a detailed plan of each stage of its implementation and the percentage distribution of income.
  4. Accept that project profits for a certain time was $10,000.
  5. Project's profit will be distributed as follows:
    • Executors – 60% - 6,000$;
    • Investors - 40% - 4,000$.
  6. Our settlement system applies to every part of the estimated profits – 80% - 10% - 7% - 3%. On this basis:
    • Investors will receive – 3,200$;
    • Referrers 1 level, invited to the company investors – 280$;
    • Referrers 2 levels, invited the referrer 1 level (the investor) – 120$;
    • Executors will receive – 4,800$;
    • Referrers 1 level, have invited executors in the Company – 420$;
    • Referrer level 2, level 1 referrer invited (by executor) - 180$;
    • Parroslab Group – 1000$.

It is clear that the income of the investor depends on the amount invested and the level of profitability of the project. But at the same time as earning will those who invited investors to cooperate with the Company.

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