The second set of examples

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Example: Referral reward scheme

You invite a company or individual to cooperate with Parroslab Group International Ltd. - And become referrer 1 level. or referrer 2 level (if you invited the person to invite a new partner).

In this case:

PARTNER_AGREEMENT enables our partners to participate in projects or commercial transactions of the Company.

As our partner, you can earn, if our company will make a profit as a result of the activities, the invited Your Partner.

For example:

  1. You are invited to a Partner to cooperate with us.
  2. Partner became so-called "job executor".
  3. Our company made a profit of $ 10,000 as a result of the activities of the Partner (executor job), the invited you.
  4. The Company's profit is divided as follows:
    • 80% - to $ 8,000 paid to the executor of Reference (invited your partner).
    • 7% - $ 700 for you if you are a level 1 referrer.
    • 3% - to $ 300 for you if you are level 2 referrer.

Your revenue directly depends on quantity of partners, invited by you, whose activities are profitable to our company.

Referral reward scheme


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