Primary Activity

The entities cooperating with us enjoy the capacities of our company trade agency for optimisation their profits connecting with exports and imports of goods (agri-food products, derived from petroleum, construction and others). We have concluded some contracts for the export and import of the raw materials for industrial production.

Our consulting agency specializes in marketing, control management, risk analyse, business psychology and human resources. Our experts have at least a doctoral degree in different area of science. As they were governments advisers, managers, managing directors, a university professor lectures etc. they can merge the theory with the practice. That is why their opinions and recommendations are valuable and their problem diagnostics are to the point.

Parroslab Group employs their own consulting experts but if necessary we can invite to cooperation other experts.

Our specialists have successfully carried out projects in the area: financial, economic, agricultural, real estate, regional development and commerce.

The Associacion electronic publishing provide the following services: e-publishing, graphic design, web design and website administration.


Frequently Asked Questions

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