Other Activity

With our Association cooperated a few well known musicians and actors. We are interested in expand the show business activity. At the moment we are developing a program that we want to present to our potential investors. We offer arrange of songs and then writing in a professional recording studio.

Our plans for the future

Our Studio Audio & Video Recording works based on collaboration with partner companies. We would like to create a professional base for the realization of commercial tasks in a given area.

Currently our information agency and public relation agency mainly work in order to realization first of all our needs. We want to take full advantage the possibilities of those organizational structures in the near future.

We would like to focus on the literature activity by offer possibility to the writers in the making, the obscure writers etc. to promote their creativity, publish their books. We will lead the themed contests for the writers and we will promote them.

We would like to invest a part of our profits in the literature projects, books publishing, advertising campaign and granting the talented writers.

The promotion of talented people will always be our constant activity apart from other business.



The objectives of our programs: 1. Assistance in establishing contacts between our partners.
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