Additional Activity

We use a special information management system aimed at promoting talented people in the field of literature and music, as well as in other areas of our activities.

We are interested in expanding the activity of show business. We have a program with which our potential investors can meet.

In the field of literary activity, we develop programs to support the work of little-known writers, provide an opportunity to publish their work, work on attracting investors and sponsors, which should contribute to the promotion of creativity. It is planned to hold thematic competitions for writers.

We plan to invest part of our profits in literary projects, publishing books, advertising campaign and financial stimulation of talented writers.

The advertising agency of the Association mainly conducts advertising activities in the Internet. The Association owns a network of websites, in connection with which it can effectively conduct this activity. In order to increase advertising opportunities, the Association plans to launch online news services (radio and television).

Our Proposal

Our Proposal

Consider our proposals with attention. Maybe among them you will find something for themselves.
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