Activity of Parroslab Group.

We are a widely diversified organisation. The Association's structure is divided into the following areas:

  1. The primary activity,
  2. The additional activity,
  3. Other,

with the appropriate departments. Each department operates according to a separate plan and everyone is for us very important.

The primary activity covers: Business and Management Consultancy; Internet Publishing & Broadcasting; Managers for Artist; Marketing Research; Motions Picture & Sound Recording Industries; Publishing Industries; Wholesale and brokerage trade.

The additional activity covers: Advertising & Related Services; Agents & Independent Artists, Writers; Arts, Entertainment and Recreation; Organization of the communicative space (Public relations); Performing Arts and Related Industries.

Other activity covers: Information services; Professional, Scietific & Technical Services; Translation and Interpretation Services.

About Us

About Us

If you know nothing about our Association, you should acquainted with its features, management, structure, and how to cooperate with us for earnings.
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