Why Parroslab Group

There are some reasons to be our partner:

  1. Our Association does not limit its members to participate in third-party commercial enterprises, projects or programs. At the same time, it makes it possible, within the framework of participation in our projects or programs, in cooperation with other partners, to obtain greater opportunities for the implementation of their own projects.
  2. The Parroslab Group allocates 88% amount of a project's profit for task group, task performer or facility group participating in its realization.
    Please remember that each person of the task group, task performer or facility group taking a part in realization of the project should pay an income tax in accordance with the legal tax regulations of their country residence.
  3. Moreover, the PG allocates 10% amount of the project's profit for the affiliate program's partner: 7% for first level referrers i.e. the partners who invited participants (task group, task performer or facility group) participating in its realization and 3% for second level referrer who invited the first level referrers.
  4. The Association's experts define the project's profit at the stage of the drawing up an agreement.
  5. If necessary, the PG may employ experts having required qualifications to agree on the term of project's realization.
  6. The Partner Agreement between the partners and Parroslab Group provides for the detailed rules of cooperation of the contracting parties.


Frequently Asked Questions

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