Structure of Association

The Association of Parroslab Group unites in its structure a number of units covering business and creative directions, as well as companies that implement the consolidating idea.

Assembly of Representatives shall elect President of the Association, as well as the Audit Commission. The President exercises control over the activities of the units, including through the appointed Executive Director. The Executive Director manages the official staff of the Association, and coordinates the activities of the units.

Coverage: unlimited if it does not violate the laws of the states whose territories are covered by the activities of members of the Association.

The bank accounts of the Association are located in the reputable European banks. We also have accounts with several online payment systems.

The structure of the Association consists of 10 departments whose business scope creative component of which includes various areas, including the main types of activities and services to support creativity and business.

The enlisted support services of the Association act in the interests of a group of companies that are members of the PG Association and its cooperated organizations and individuals.

The Association departments: Advertising Agencies; Agency management consulting; Concert and Artistic Agency; e-Publishing; Information and PR Agency; Laboratory of scientific and technical developments; Literary Studio; Studio Audio&Video Recording; Trade Agency; Translation Studio.

Association Overview

Association Overview

Our mission: to create opportunities for our partners for a stable and secure functioning in the modern world, and to facilitate them the realization of their creative potential
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