With the Parroslab Group cooperate the fixed strategic partners. We coordinate with them our common activities. Moreover we collaborate with other firms depending on our needs.

The strategic partners of our Association are: Capital Development Group Limited, RIK Trading Company, Land Development Group, Bin Trading and UNITA.

The strategic partnership enhances the ability to searching of the optimal solutions and to achieve the income as well as facilitates the introduction of the modern methods of cooperation.

The PG Association conducts the marketing research in collaboration with external partners both legal entities and individuals. There are producers, traders, resellers and support groups among our partners.

Thanks to Our Affiliate program, the partners can have a sustainable future and the company is able to fulfill its mission.

Our potential partners may present us their propositions of the cooperation with us that we will analyze them in detail in order to the ability of their realization.

Our Proposal

Our Proposal

Consider our proposals with attention. Maybe among them you will find something for themselves.
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