Association Overview

Our mission: to create opportunities for our partners for a stable and secure functioning in the modern world, and to facilitate them the realization of their creative potential. We are ready to help the talented people on their way to success.

The Parroslab Group was established in 2006 by initiative of a group of experimental scientists and experts from various regions of the world, with the businessmen who have joined them, who have made significant progress in their business areas to apply their knowledge and experience in implementing common tasks. This structure has allowed to manage with different matters both financial and organisational and solve the problems successfully. Thanks to this structure the company's activity is not limited to a specific region but is worldwide. From August 2015 to August 2017, the activities of the Association were coordinated by PGIL, a company registered in the Seychelles.

The main activities of our Association are: Advertising & Related Services; Agents & Independent Artists, Writers; Arts, Entertainment and Recreation; Business and Management Consultancy; Information services; Internet Publishing & Broadcasting; Managers for Artist; Marketing Research; Motions Picture & Sound Recording Industries; Organization of the communicative space (Public relations); Performing Arts and Related Industries; Professional, Scietific & Technical Services; Publishing Industries; Translation and Interpretation Services; Wholesale and brokerage trade.

If necessary, and to solve the consolidating idea, we can additionally expand the scope of our activities.

Company's profit breaks down as follows:

88% income of the project is allocated for the contractors of the project (Performers subject of the contract or intermediaries), 7% for the first level referers of the affiliate program, who invited contractors, 3% for the second-level referers program of the affiliate program, 2% income of the Association.

At present the Association employees 12 staff members and several hundred participants in our Affiliate program.



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